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Saving Home from Foreclosure | Chapter 13 is Lucky for Investments There are always some people who fall behind on mortgage payments, and need help saving their home from foreclosure. I’ve been doing just that for two decades. The following predicting a housing crisis was written in July 2006, and is just as true with...


Lawsuit, Summons and Bankruptcy Bankruptcy can help stop a law suit There are few things that make our heart skip a beat more than receiving a summons for a lawsuit to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court. Having someone say, “you’ve been served” is shocking, devastating and raises many questions, stirs many emotions. The Surprise...


Types of Debt and Bankruptcy Analysis What types of debt do you have, and can bankruptcy help When bankruptcy lawyers do bankruptcy analysis, we look at the debt types. Kinds of debt are handled differently in bankruptcy court.  So, we look at the types of debt you have, and factors in whether you should file...


Credit Card Debt The most common type of debt people like you have is credit card debt. Why? Because the big credit card companies and banks have been seducing you with offers of new credit cards, lower interest rates, courtesy checks and cash advances probably since you were still in school. Not Your Friend We...

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