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California Homestead Exemption Changes 2021 – Save Your Home

California Homestead Exemption 2021 – Save Your Home The homestead exemption California can help protect a house in a bankruptcy, but it’s not without risks, dangers, and pitfalls.   For years, the California homestead exemption was woefully inadequate, especially compared to soaring real estate values in California. This becomes a real issue in Chapter 7...

Need for Student Loan Reform Now

Need for Student Loan Reform Now A long time ago, in the days of Charles Dickens and chimney sweeps, people were jailed until they satisfied their debts. These debtors’ prisons resulted in a Catch-22. You can’t get out of jail until you paid your debts. And you can’t earn money to pay your debts until...

Credit After Bankruptcy Study – LendingTree

Credit After Bankruptcy Study Study: It’s possible that bankruptcy can actually help your credit score LendingTree says with a credit after bankruptcy study that people can have higher credit scores after bankruptcy than they did prior. It says that almost half can qualify to buy a house just one year later. Further, it said almost...

Medical Bankruptcy: Breaking the Myth of 1/2 of all Filings

Medical Bankruptcy: Breaking the Myth of 1/2 of all Filings   Years ago, there was all the talk about how “half” of all bankruptcies were due to medical bankruptcy. That is, the only reason people were filing bankruptcy was due to their health care expenses and medical bills. This was the healthcare bankruptcy myth. That...

Breaking up? You Could Go Broke | Divorce Bankruptcy

Breaking Up? You Could Go Broke – Divorce Bankruptcy How Ending a Relationship Could Lead to Financial Problems Divorce and bankruptcy go together. It’s not unusual for a couple that’s splitting up to also divorce their debt. Firstly, once we get married, we are at the point where actually need two incomes to get by....

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