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341a Meeting of Creditors | Preparing to Nail the 341 (2021)

341(a) meeting of creditors 341

341a Meeting of Creditors | Preparing to Nail the 341 Generally The 341a Meeting of Creditors (sometimes called 341 meeting of creditors) is a part of every Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  It’s where you get questioned under oath. Here’s what it’s about, and how to prepare, and what to expect. 2021 Remote […]

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Zoom Court Hearings: 5 Great Tips to Ace Zoom / Telephonic 341a

court zoom hearings telephonic 341a

5 Tricks for Zoom Court Hearings or Telephonic 341a An attorney’s list of dos and don’ts for Zoom court hearings during the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown Zoom court hearings and telephonic appearances for 341a meetings are becoming more common in 2021. Covid-19 coronavirus has changed how we practice law. Here are 5 tips and tricks to […]

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Frequently Asked BK Questions | The Decisive Bankruptcy FAQ

bankruptcy faq about bankruptcies

Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions The Decisive 7 / 13 Bankruptcy FAQ We need a bankruptcy FAQ. Why? Because nothing is as mysterious and as misunderstood as bankruptcy. It’s just this vague thing, a process. We sense that something about it is super bad. But few people really understand what it is, how it works. That’s […]

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Breaking up? You Could Go Broke | Divorce Bankruptcy

divorce bankruptcy

Breaking Up? You Could Go Broke – Divorce Bankruptcy Ending a Relationship Could Lead to Financial Problems Divorce and bankruptcy go together. It’s not unusual for a couple that’s splitting up to also divorce their debt. Firstly, once we get married, we are at the point where actually need two incomes to get by. Secondly, […]

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