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Lawsuit and Bankruptcy: Save Yourself when Sued for Money

civil lawsuit summons

Lawsuit, Summons and Bankruptcy A lawsuit and bankruptcy go together. There are few things that make our heart skip a beat more than receiving a summons for a lawsuit to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court. Having someone say, “you’ve been served” is shocking, devastating and raises many questions, stirs many emotions. The Surprise of […]

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Stop Wage Garnishment Now | They’re Garnishing My Wages

stop wage garnishment

They’re Garnishing My Wages | Stop Wage Garnishment Now Wage Garnishments, Generally Wage garnishment in California is a shocking and traumatic event. All of a sudden, they take 25% of your income. You never see it (it’s up to 50% in some custody claim cases). And it all starts when a creditor has filed a […]

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