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April 1, 2006

Lawsuit, Summons and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can help stop a law suit

There are few things that make our heart skip a beat more than receiving a summons for a lawsuit to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court. Having someone say, “you’ve been served” is shocking, devastating and raises many questions, stirs many emotions.

The Surprise of Being Served a Summons

The first thing you feel is surprise. What is this? They haven’t contacted me about this bill before. Why now?

The shock and surprise feels like a punch in the stomach.

Lawsuit and Fear

Once the shock wears off, anxiety and fear about the law suit takes over. We hate lawyers. Attorneys that send us things makes us deal with a world we’d rather not be involved in: the legal world.

Warning: the Trap

If you delay, regardless of the debt type, this could turn into a judgment, a bank levy, house lien, or a wage garnishment where they take a very large portion of your paycheck. Once that happens, you will really have your back against the wall.


What will I do? What are my options? What can they do to me? Will I go to prison or jail? Can they tell my employer? What about my family? Is my paycheck safe? Can they take my car? What about my bank account?

The fear can be chilling. Keeping you awake at night. Do you go “underground?” This is no way to live.

Anger at the Creditor

Finally, we feel anger. Mad. Upset that we have to pay these guys anything. Steamed that they have the gall, the nerve, to rack up all these late fees and interest and penalties and lawyer fees and they expect you to pay for it. Fat chance. Not in this lifetime.

Will filing bankruptcy stop a civil lawsuit?

Finally. Some good news.

Yes, if you file bankruptcy, it can stop the law suit.

The more you think about it, the more you’ll wonder. Really, to learn about what your options are, you need to talk to a attorney. Take action. Do something. Arrange for a consultation now.

Don’t Delay.

Contact us now.

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