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We are not a large law firm.

We’re not spread out all across Southern California, with satellites dotting Los Angeles and an office in Valencia. We’re not so big there’s even a “we.” So when I tell you about the law firm, I’m really just telling you about me. I am the law firm.

Hi. I’m Hale Andrew Antico. And I have a passion for helping people.

I’m just one lawyer, a Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney with high standards, who wants to give personalized service, with attention to detail, to my neighbors in Santa Clarita. I grew up in the SCV, went to school here, and have watched it change over the years. If you live in Stevenson Ranch or Saugus or Newhall or any other part of town, you’re my neighbor, and I want to help you.

As an incoming student at Cal State Northridge, I was offered  credit cards at freshman orientation, and was disgusted by the industry. I went on to major in Psychology at CSUN, and learned how to understand people and relate to them. I waited tables through college, and developed a way to provide good service while connecting with people.

At Pepperdine Law, when we went around the room the first week, I learned I was just about the only one in my class who didn’t get their undergraduate degree in Political Science. In a room full of future lawyers, I knew I was different.

Starting Antico Law

In the early years of practicing law, I drove all over being a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer. I’d meet people at Starbucks and just talk with and help them over a cup of coffee.  I eventually opened an office at Sierra Highway and Soledad in the Canyon Country part of Santa Clarita. I kept doing what I knew: providing outstanding customer service, while helping people who felt they had nowhere else to turn.

The Great Recession of 2009 happened. My little office became two bigger offices, and the team I assembled focused on helping many people save their homes and get back on their feet. I was humbled to win awards, and be honored by my peers.

The economy got better over the next ten years, and my law firm went back to being just me again, no more need for a second office.

In 2020, we had a Coronavirus pandemic which shut down our economy. People were suddenly unemployed through no fault of their own. They’re scared, worried about how they’ll pay for necessities.

Now in 2023, there is inflation, gas prices, and the threat of a big impact from a recession.  There’s reason for anxiety and fear as the future is uncertain.

Whatever lies ahead, I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done. I’ll help people start over, while providing compassion, expertise, and customer service.

Let’s meet over a cup of coffee.

    Hale Antico Reviews


    I just want to thank you Hale Antico for helping me go through this process. You have made it very easy and easy to understand. I know that when this is all done I will feel like I can breathe again. I will be starting fresh and you don't even know what a big relief this will be. I will feel like I have taken a big load off my back.
    Cristina Satisfied Client
    I just wanted to thank you for your work during the bankruptcy. It was easier and quicker than I imagined. If any of my friends or family have to make the hard decision to file for bankruptcy I will absolutely recommend you. Thanks again and good luck to you.
    Rob Satisfied Client
    With the expert help of Attorney Hale A. Antico I declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and the case was recently confirmed. My case wasn’t an easy one, but Mr. Antico was there every step of the way providing me with professional representation and to make sure my plan was fair on my behalf. His staff was always available when I had questions, and they were equally helpful and knowledgeable. I am sure I contacted him and his staff more than most of his clients, but they were always courteous, respectful, and helpful. If you are considering bankruptcy, whether it be Chapter 7 or 13, Antico Debt Law will guide you through the process and will be there to help you!
    S.C. Satisfied Client






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    Hale Antico
    Hale Andrew Antico
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    Award-winning bankruptcy lawyer who was chosen by some of the top bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles to be two-term President of the second-largest association of consumer bankruptcy lawyers in the nation.

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