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Frequently Asked BK Questions | The Decisive Bankruptcy FAQ

bankruptcy faq about bankruptcies

Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions The Decisive 7 / 13 Bankruptcy FAQ We need a bankruptcy FAQ. Why? Because nothing is as mysterious and as misunderstood as bankruptcy. It’s just this vague thing, a process. We sense that something about it is super bad. But few people really understand what it is, how it works. That’s […]

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Bankruptcy Petition Preparer | 3 Ways the Best BPP is a Lawyer

bankruptcy petition preparer bpp

Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Three Reasons the Best BPP is a Lawyer A bankruptcy petition preparer (or BPP) is someone who does just that: prepares a bankruptcy petition. Now, that may sound obvious to you, but there’s a lot of nuance behind it. Definition: Bankruptcy Petition Preparer A bankruptcy petition preparer is a term of art. […]

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