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Hale Antico Testimonials and Reviews

We are humbled by Hale Antico testimonials. We are very proud that our clients speak volumes about us, sing our praises and want the world to know how good our service was. So, in their own words, here are what some of our clients have said about the results we’ve achieved.

“In good hands with you on my side”

Thank you for your hand holding and advice. You are really good at what you do and I am truly grateful I had you to represent me…. I know you worked very hard and you helped make this whole process so much easier for me (and your other clients too).

[At the 341(a) court date,] you were very attentive to all of us. I could tell the difference between your clients and some of the others there. You did a great job and I am very grateful! Thank you for sticking around as long as you did today. You really took good care of me…. I knew I was in good hands with you on my side.

I will highly recommend you should I come across a friend or colleague in a similar situation as mine.



“You handled the legal issues quickly”

Attorney Antico

I want to thank you for the work you did on my bankruptcy case and assisting me with the lawsuit from my bank. I was not prepared to deal with either of these situations, but you handled the legal issues quickly and took care of my interests. Now I can start rebuilding my finances and credit. Thanks so much. I am very grateful for your assistance, and do not hesitate to recommend your services.


“I will absolutely recommend you”

Dear Attorney Antico,

I just wanted to thank you for your work during the bankruptcy. It was easier and quicker than I imagined. If any of my friends or family have to make the hard decision to file for bankruptcy I will absolutely recommend you. Thanks again and good luck to you.


“You were patient when I asked a million questions”

Dear Attorney Antico: I would like to take this time to thank you for assisting me through this painful & scary ordeal of making a decision to file for bankruptcy. It took me almost 3 years to make the decision, but once I did, you were so patient with me when I asked a million questions, and so knowledgeable about what I could do.

As you know, my current illness & medical expenses caused me to fall into a major situation & not able to pay my bills. I don’t know why it took me so long to contact you, but I believe God leads people to where they are supposed to be & whom they are supposed to meet.

I believe He led me to you.

“Without your help … I could not do any of it”

Although my health is somewhat improved, I am currently facing additional dilemmas, but without your help financially I could not do any of it.

I am able currently able to pay my bills, the creditors all stopped calling as soon as you said they would. What a relief that alone was.

Once again, thank you for everything.


“Your compassion is part of who you are”

Thank you again for all that you’ve done for me. I understand it’s your job so to speak, but your compassion is part of who you are not what you do and I think it’s a rather lovely quality of yours. You’ve always been so gracious when I’ve sent you my raving emails with my fears, questions, guilt, etc. I know I’m just a client among many I’m sure, but it did mean a lot to me when you personally came to my court date in person, especially having to travel as far as you did for just little ol’ me. My life has always been very good, and for that I’m truly blessed by thanks to you things got a bit better.


“You were the light in the dark tunnel”

Dear Mr Antico,

There are simply no words that can express how grateful we are for what you have done for us. You gave us hope, you gave us peace, you gave us back our lives!!

You were the light in the dark tunnel  that our lives had turned into. You took us out and gave us a fresh start!!.

“Thank you for making the whole Bankruptcy process smooth and easy for us, and above all thank you for not making us feel bad about it.”

I don’t even want to think where would we be right now if it wasn’t for you. I thank God everyday for allowing me to find your website. We want you to know that you will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for making the whole Bankruptcy process smooth and easy for us, and above all thank you for not making us feel bad about it. You were so good to us. I have always believed that there are angels living among us, and I am sure that you are one of them (sorry for blowing your cover !!). : )

Two days ago I turned in my resignation letter at my current job (Costco). I have accepted a position at Countrywide as a Business Administrator’s Assistant and I am attending at the University of Phoenix, my goal is to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Business Management. We will be moving out of our one bedroom apartment and will be moving into a three bedroom and three bath townhouse, now our kids are going to have lots of space to play. As for my husband  he is working 6 days a week and his business if just blooming!!.

And needless to say none of these would have been possible if it was not for you that believed in us and showed us how to get out of debt and gave that second chance. ; )

Please feel free to use my letter as a reference. Once again thank you for everything.


“What a change it has made in our life”

It’s been over a year since our bankruptcy. What a change it has made in our life, as you know we struggled for over 15 years to get the bills paid, but never could. As painful as the whole process was, you answered our questions and eased our fears from start to finish. Now, [my wife] and I answer the phone, don’t mind getting the mail every day and we don’t have to choose what bill not to pay until next payday.

One of the fears were that no one would ever lend us another penny, we would never get another credit card or own our own home. I don’t think it was 6 months when the pre-approved credit card letters started coming in the mail. It gives my great pleasure to shred 3 to 5 offers per week. The new thing is a $5,000.00 credit card and $5000.00 loan, all pre-approved just have to call. Last Thursday we got 3 of these, from 3 different company’s. So we do hope to buy buy our own home some day soon.

Before I read my e-mail this morning, I paid one of our bills, the one to our Savings Account. At least once a month we transfer money. [ed: he is paying himself first!] Today was a good day, I transferred $500.00. It’s not always that much, but it still feels good.

Yesterday, we gave your name and number to friends that are going through the same thing we were. We assured them you would take good care of them. Once again, thank you for what you did for us.


“What a feeling of relief!”

I just wanted to send a quick “Thank You” to say thanks for your assistance i my discharged Chapter 7 case. I received the letter from your office on the 14th. What a feeling of relief!! I can now move forward with my life.


“You treated me with respect”

I finally decided to file for bankruptcy after spending months going through financial chaos. Being a travel agent was devastating after 9/11. I lost my job soon after and was unemployed for almost a year. In that time I racked up quite a bit of debt. I felt betrayed by my creditors when I was turned down repeatedly after I asked them to lower my APRs so I could start to pay down the debt. It was then that I found Attorney Antico on the internet. When he began to work for me I felt a huge sense of relief. The most awesome thing was when all the collection calls came to a complete stop!

“I highly recommend him because of his knowledge and efficiency in his field.”

Mr. Antico treated me with respect which I really appreciated at a time when I was feeling rather embarrassed by my situation. I highly recommend him because of his knowledge and efficiency in his field.


“He was understanding & he provided sound legal advice”

My husband and I were seriously in debt. Over our ten years of marriage, we accumulated an excessive amount of debt and had four children. Our income was reduced because I decided to quit my well paid career as a Business Office Manager of a large medical practice to invest my time in our four children.

With one income, we couldn’t seem to stay on top of our bills and the late fees became overwhelming. We began to borrow from one credit card to pay another. We quickly fell deeper and deeper into a financial hole. After about a year of struggling and realizing that we were never going to get out of debt because our balances became so high that our monthly payments only covered the interest and our balances were never decreasing, so we decided to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy.

“spending the money to have your case filed professionally is worth every penny.”

Our first stop was by a paralegal’s office that advertised in the local Pennysaver. We were not impressed with the office, the employees demeanor, and the complete lack of professionalism. The fee was cheap but when we called back a few weeks later to get additional information, the employee no longer worked for the company. About a week later she contacted us and claimed that she now worked for another company where she wanted us to file our bankruptcy with. This completely turned us off because when you file you have to give the company all of your personal information and I didn’t want my bank accounts and social security numbers given to an unstable and unprofessional person. We wanted to be able to trust the company that would have our entire life in their possession. That’s why we decided to spend a few extra dollars to have our work done by a professional attorney who was educated.

When we went to Attorney Antico’s office and we knew immediately that he could be trusted, he cared and he didn’t judge us by our debt. He was understanding and he provided sound legal advice. He gave us the pro’s and cons without pressuring us to make a decision that would favor his practice. Not only did we feel that he was trustworthy but we knew that he was educated by Pepperdine University which gave us an additional sense of trust.

Mr. Antico made us feel so comfortable that all of our insecurities, guilt, and shame disappeared. He helped us to realize our mistakes but not to feel depressed or guilty about them. Throughout the proceedings he stayed in contact with us and answered our questions patiently and was never too busy to speak with us regarding additional concerns that we had.

Therefore, we highly recommend anyone in debt to consult with Attorney Hale Antico because spending the money to have your case filed professionally is worth every penny. The cost to file compared to our debts was well worth it.

We referred all the bill collectors to his office, he attended the hearing with us, and the court appointed [trustee] knew and respected him. We didn’t have any problems and when it was all over with, we were and have been relieved of all the pressures of the bills. We have no regrets and are living a life free of debt, bill collectors, and threatening notices. We can now save money and plan our future because we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck to all!


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