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Best Antelope Valley Lawyer Nomination They announced last week that Hale Antico was nominated for 2018 Best Antelope Valley attorney. This is an incredibly humbling honor. Every year the Antelope Valley Press, the largest paper in Palmdale, puts out a “Best of” compilation of various specialties.  This makes sense when they crown a best pizza,...


Bankruptcy and Liens   Liens can be nasty surprises. Bankruptcy and liens causes confusion and frustration. Does bankruptcy get rid of debt, and if so, why do liens survive bankruptcy sometimes.  Here are answers to some common questions about liens from judgments, bankruptcy and liens, and do bankruptcies clear judgements. What is a judicial lien?...


IRS Tax Debt Can you File Bankruptcy with the IRS Bankruptcy and Tax Debt, Generally Like most debts types, back taxes can turn into major problems. Can IRS tax debt be discharged in bankruptcy? It depends. The rule is taxes and bankruptcies don’t match. But bankruptcy and tax debt sometimes works. It’s helpful then to...


What’s In Your Wallet: Track Spending Know What You Spend As a bankruptcy attorney that specializes in consumer debt, I see a lot of people’s personal finances during the helpful consultation. A common problem is that they have no idea what they spend each month and don’t realize they’re often spending more than they earn....

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