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February 8, 2018

Best Antelope Valley Lawyer Nomination

They announced last week that Hale Antico was nominated for 2018 Best Antelope Valley attorney. This is an incredibly humbling honor.

Every year the Antelope Valley Press, the largest paper in Palmdale, puts out a “Best of” compilation of various specialties.  This makes sense when they crown a best pizza, or best breakfast, like Crazy Otto’s (which you definitely should try).

Special Honor but No Specialty

However, they didn’t break the Antelope Valley attorney category down by specialty. You know, where they can have a Best AV Attorney Who Goes After Muffler Repair Shops category. Instead, they just lumped all attorneys together into one big lawyer category.

There are many worthy lawyers in the Antelope Valley, of all specialties. Just like there are many fantastic bankruptcy attorneys in Santa Clarita. And Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers.

Thank You

So while I’m pretty sure we’re not going to win with such great fellow practitioners, it’s humbling to be considered along such amazing talent, experience, and skill. And that’s why we’re honored and proud to be considered a finalist for best attorney in the Antelope Valley.

And if you want someone who knows nothing about muffler shop fraud but a few things about saving people from credit card debt, don’t hesitate to contact me from the link above.

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