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Attorney Antico is an award-winning and experienced bankruptcy lawyer who has been helping neighbors in Santa Clarita for two decades. No one plans to file bankruptcy; life happens. But, with skillful and attentive guidance, he strives to communicate well and make a new beginning as easy as possible.

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Education and Biography


Attorney Antico graduated from Pepperdine School of Law in 1993, after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. The combination of these two skills perfectly situates him to help people struggling financially to see the hope in a new beginning.


Over the years, Attorney Antico has developed a customer service approach to his clients’ specific needs. This client focus has led to mutual success.


Hale Antico is proud to be chosen as President of the CDCBAA, the nation’s second-largest organization of bankruptcy attorneys representing consumer debtors. He’s served on the board of directors of this association of bankruptcy lawyers for over a decade. Mr. Antico is dedicated to improving the manner in which people filing bankruptcy get helped. The CDCBAA presents about eight presentations to its bankruptcy attorney members each year, with the goal of providing continuing legal education and elevating the practice of bankruptcy law.

Previously, Attorney Antico was honored to serve as President of the Southern California Bankruptcy Inn of Court, after serving on its board for many years. The Inn of Court is where bankruptcy judges, bankruptcy trustees, and bankruptcy attorneys gather for dinner, fellowship, and make presentations of the finer points of the law to educate and inform.


With more than 15 years of experience, Attorney Antico deals with all work relating to debt, and the planning, negotiation, settlement, and discharge of family and small business finances and liabilities. Contact Mr. Antico for a no-pressure consultation.

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