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15th july 2003

Law Firm Opening

Law firm opening, providing house calls for neighbors in Santa Clarita, and all of Los Angeles and Orange County.


Our first award

Named best bankruptcy attorney by readers of Santa Clarita Living Magazine.


Best Bankruptcy Attorney

Honored to received another award for best bankruptcy lawyer in Santa Clarita.


19th march 2007

Second Office

We opened our second office, this time in Palmdale, and serving all of the residents in the Antelope Valley to provide high-quality affordable debt relief legal services.

3rd august 2007

Another award

Humbled to get awarded again best bankruptcy attorney in Santa Clarita CA


Our 1500th client

In the middle of the Great Recession, with two offices working full-time to help save people from losing their homes, we helped our 1500th client.


Settled massive litigation

Took two warring parties in federal litigation for years, and brought them to the table, resulting in a major media merger and joint venture where both sides won.


Our 4th Award

Voters of SCV Signal name us best bankruptcy attorney in Santa Clarita CA, our fourth time with this honor.


Nominated Best Attorney in Antelope Valley

For the first time ever, we were nominated for best lawyer in Antelope Valley by readers of the AV Press newspaper.


Got Sanctions Award Against Big Bank

Awarded large sanction award against major credit card for violating our client’s rights.


Selected as President

Selected by Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys to be President of one of the largest associations of bankruptcy lawyers.

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