Antico Honors and Awards

Antico Awards and Honors

If you just make it a priority to treat people right, good things just happen as a result. Over the years, my small office has provided personalized service to many of our neighbors.

We’ve been blessed with kind words and appreciation from our community and neighbors. Consequently, this has resulted in some Attorney Antico awards and honors.

In 2005, it caught me by surprise to get a call from someone saying I had won “Best Bankruptcy Attorney”, as voted by readers of Santa Clarita Valley Living Magazine. I didn’t have a relationship with the magazine. I was sure this was just a way to try to get me to advertise with them.

I was further caught off-guard when a representative from the magazine showed up at the office with the plaque. Was I shocked! This was about real Antico awards, not just a sale pitch. I had no idea. I was overcome by appreciation to be held in such high esteem by my past clients and neighbors.

Over the next nine years, two more awards came our way, as we were voted the best bankruptcy lawyer honor two more times.

I think it was 2015 when a local Santa Clarita publication offered to give me an “award” for Best Bankruptcy Attorney if I’d take out a quarter-page ad in their magazine.  So this sort of thing goes on, along with business campaigns to offer customer rewards for “voting” for them.

It’s not an award if you buy it. I want to earn it. So I passed.

In 2017, the readers of the SCV Signal humbled us by voting me the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Santa Clarita. To be honest, I didn’t even know the voting was underway. So when the representative from the Signal called with the news, I was speechless.

In 2018, we were nominated not just best bankruptcy attorney, but best lawyer overall in the Antelope Valley by readers of the AV Press.

In 2019, I was named President of the CDCBAA, which is the largest association of bankruptcy lawyers in the Los Angeles area. It’s an honor to be elevated by my peers and colleagues.

In 2020, I’m currently serving as president of this esteemed organization through the coronavirus quarantine and all the changes, working with judges and trustees as we all adjust to it.

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I am blessed over the years to have had such an amazing team in my office. When you retain me, you’re getting a commitment to provide outstanding service, working together to provide results that exceed expectations.

Will there be any more Antico awards in the future? It’s hard to say. All I can do is treat each person as if they are my only client, and let the chips fall where they may.

Thank you!

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