Real Estate Law (Saving Your Home)

We can help with mortgages, particularly ones that are late, and removing some liens.

Real estate law can save your home

Real Estate Law

Real estate law involves land and real property. This is typically a home that is your primary residence. We can help with some of these, especially stopping a foreclosure sale.

Your mortgage

First, we usually cannot change your mortgage contract. A refinance is possible, but you don’t need a lawyer for that. That’s something for which you’d seek out a mortgage loan consultant. If someone tricked you into a loan, the presumption is that you read the documents before you signed them. It’s hard to prove fraud, and beware of companies who take thousands of dollars to write your mortgage company some letters and leave you high and dry.

Mortgage Lates, Stop Foreclosure, and Saving Your House

Second, we can help you when you’re behind. Even if you’ve received a Notice of Default or even a Notice of Sale with a foreclosure sale date, it’s possible to save your home. However, we have to do a lot of things, very very quickly. You’re not going to get a free house or force a refinance, but it will give you time to pay back the lates while you start paying your mortgage again, and most importantly, save your home.



Eliminating a Second Mortgage, and Judgment Liens

Further,we can remove that lien from your house if someone has a judgment lien against real property, in some cases. Not always, sometimes, this can be done.

Lastly, in some cases, we can file litigation to remove a second mortgage, even one you haven’t paid for years. Again, not everyone qualifies, but for the right person underwater enough, this can provide a huge benefit. The lien can be removed from your home, and you can recover all the equity. It’s not an easy road, but one where the reward can be extremely beneficial.


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