Cars: Stopping Repossession

Bankruptcy can help you stop the repo man and keep your car.

Bankruptcy and Repossession

Saving your car before the repo men gets it

Bankruptcy and repossession can work together to save your car. It’s not easy, and maybe even not always wise, but it can be doable.

Chapter 7 Won’t Work

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t have any money in it. You don’t pay anyone. So there’s no money in it to pay for the car arrearages. If you file bankruptcy Chapter 7, you could and probably will lose your car.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Could Help

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy does have payments you make. Some of these payments can go to pay for your car lates, as well as other debt. The good new is this is like a forced car refinance. The bad news is this is probably a 5-year commitment. Do you have the money to make the car payment? Hopefully the thing that caused you to fall behind is now fixed so you can make future payments.