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Hale Antico, Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney

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Practice Areas:
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Fast Fresh Start
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Debt Consolidation Alternative)

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Who is Hale Andrew Antico?

Hale Antico is an award-winning bankruptcy attorney who for over 15 years specializes on getting consumers a fresh start. Mr. Antico has helped thousands of people lose their debt. With compassion and customer service, he makes a difficult situation as easy as possible.

Specialized + Focus = Success

Firstly, Hale Andrew Antico only files bankruptcy cases, and doesn’t dabble in dog bites or living trusts. Focused like a laser on consumer debt, he has been successful with filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases where the clients earned well over the median income that went successfully to discharge.  He also has filed and confirmed hundreds of Chapter 13 cases.  Most of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases he files go to discharge, well above the national average. In one Chapter 13 case, the client paid only $50 a month. If that’s not a record low payment, it’s close to it. In another case, the fraction to the credit cards was only 0.25%, or less than a penny on the dollar. Attorney Antico has a success rate of over 99.9% of his Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

best bankruptcy lawyer
Hale Antico won 2017’s award for Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

Customer Service leads to Awards

Next, Hale Antico and his team bring a customer service approach to his legal practice, a relatively rare thing in the cold dreary world of stuffy attorneys. He’s compassionate, understanding, and explains things clearly in plain English so people can understand a very complicated and niche specialty. Attorney Antico tries to prepare his clients for any twist and turn the case may hold, so that there are no nasty surprises.

Consequently, he has won four Best Bankruptcy Attorney awards, the most recent in 2017 from the readers of the Santa Clarity Signal newspaper.


Hale Antico is involved in the Los Angeles bankruptcy community

Further, Hale Andrew Antico gives time to improve the profession for bankruptcy lawyers, the bench and trustees. Also, this helps him stay on top of his game, and try to get even better.


First, in 2017, he volunteered on the Rights and Responsibilities Subcommittee. That’s a group of lawyers, trustees, and judges who worked together to update a long form that details the relationship between Central District of California bankruptcy attorneys and their clients.

Vice-President Antico

Secondly, he currently serves as Vice-President of the CDCBAA. Despite the funny name, it’s the second-largest association of bankruptcy lawyers in the nation. It presents continuing legal education classes every month. In addition, Attorney Antico has served on the Board of Directors of this group for many years now, an honor that humbles him as he represents hundreds of Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers.

Past President

Lastly, Hale Antico is a past President of the James T. King Bankruptcy Inn of Court. That’s a group dedicated to enhance the level of practice and civility in the bankruptcy profession. Many times  a year, the organization holds meetings where bankruptcy attorneys meet with bankruptcy trustees and bankruptcy judges elevating their knowledge of the law and sharing practice tips. For a decade, Mr. Antico has volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors the Inn of Court.

Put all this Experience to Work for You!

In short, bankruptcy is something complicated you hope to only do once in your life. Why not have an award-winning, experienced, friendly attorney on your side who is active in the legal profession. It’s affordable, and we have a flexible payment plan.

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