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From time to time, we write articles that are featured in local magazines and newspapers. These span the topics from consumer finance to budgeting to, yes, bankruptcy.

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Breaking Up? You Could Go Broke!

The Two-Income Trap

It's true: breaking up has many unintended consequences. That's not to say you should stay in a bad situation to avoid those results, but you need to be aware of them before making any major decisions.

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How your Children Can Avoid Visiting My Office

Avoid Bankruptcy, Manage your Finances, Debts

Life happens. While no one ever plans to file bankruptcy, it's good to know that it's there as a safety net. However, there are steps many people can take now to avoid needing my services later....

Pay Back Debts on your Own Schedule

Take Control: When Minimum Payments are not Enough

Do you want to freeze interest rates, penalties, late charges and just make a set number of payments and be out of debt, once and for all?  Do you want the peace of mind that comes ...

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Myths about New Bankruptcy Law

How People Misunderstand Them

The bankruptcy law has been changed now for over half a year.  Many provisions of the new law -- really a total rewriting of the bankruptcy code -- have gotten a lot of media exposure.   However, this has left false impressions ...

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Is Bankruptcy Dead?

New Bankruptcy Law - Can you still get a fresh start?

Now that the new bankruptcy law has passed, is it possible to get a fresh start by wiping their debt away? Or does everyone need to do a "pay back plan? ...

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Foreclosure: Saving Your Home

Just a little breathing room

One area where we can get into debt trouble and feel a financial squeeze is with regard to mortgage payments.  The past few years, property values have been soaring here in Southern California. ...

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Ka-Ching or Bling?

Do you Save or Spend?

The messages are all around us in bumper stickers, ads, movies and music.  "You work hard - spend it and enjoy it."  Or better yet...

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Return of Debtors Prison

New Bankruptcy Law Troubles

In the old days, centuries ago, if you could not pay your debt, you were locked up in  jail.  You were not to be released from your prison sentence until you could pay your debt. Needless to say...

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Budgeting and Saving

What's in your Wallet?

As an attorney that specializes in consumer debt, I see a lot of people's personal finances during the helpful consultation. A common problem is that they have no idea what they spend...

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Bankruptcy Myths

Mythbusting Debt Relief

We all have these notions about what bankruptcy is. Some are true; others are scare tactics and fairy tales put out by...

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Credit Card Debt

Do's and Dont's

There are many dangers with credit cards. Let's take a closer look at some guidelines to help you control your credit cards, instead of the other way around.

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Pay Day Loans

Cash Advances and Dangers

They are the equivalent of throwing a drowning person not a life preserver, but instead throwing him an anchor.

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Bankruptcy Alternatives

Avoid Bankruptcy

There are many options on how to deal with a debt problem.   A bankruptcy is not always the best option.  There are other solutions ..

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Pay Yourself First

Saving Strategy

Cash. It can be your friend. Of course, many of us don't have a choice, as our cash flow is negative and we need the credit to help make up the difference

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Credit After Bankruptcy

BK doesn't have to Be a Ban

One of the common questions debtors ask is, "Will I be able to establish credit after my bankruptcy?" The short answer is

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They're Garnishing my Wages!

What a Wage Garnishment Does

One of the more common ways people come to us is when they realize that their wages are being garnished.

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