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Who We Are

We're a team of professionals with experience focused on one thing: getting you a fresh start. Since the early 2000s, our firm has been helping people like you get out of debt, with understanding and respect.

We're a small local law firm, not a large mill or lawyer factory. People who have a passion to people people like you who live in Canyon Country, Newhall, Lancaster and Palmdale. We're experienced, having provided thousands of fresh starts. We're all local here in the SCV and AV, and try to do good in the community. We're your neighbors: friendly, discreet, professional.

We don't dabble. For over a decade, Antico Debt Law has concentrated solely on helping people who have suffered unexpected setbacks turn the page. We don't do dog bites, car accidents, or divorce law on the side. Just fresh starts. With compassion.

Our Philosophy

We're human beings too. We know that life can happen to anyone. No one wants to contact an attorney, let alone about their finances. So we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable, and to put you at ease.

All lawyers are the same the way all doctors are the same. Which is to say, they're not. Some care only volume, while we care about good bedside manner. Some let their nurses or paralegals do everything; we're involved. Some ignore you once you sign up, we focus on customer service and return calls and emails. Some bait-and-switch with deceptively low advertised prices, while we bid the job once we understand it. Some pay web consultants to build them a website with every keyword in the URL; we personally write everything on ours (this, for example, was written at 5:30 in the morning).

From the moment of our first call, you'll talk to someone who understands your situation, and doesn't judge you. And Attorney Antico will do all he can to explain the complicated area of bankruptcy law in plain English, avoiding jargon. Just a couple of neighbors having a chat.

Our Process

No-Pressure Consultation

You'll personally meet with Attorney Antico, who will spend 30 minutes explaining your options, how bankruptcy works, the cost, and answer the big question: "should I file bankruptcy?" We promise you'll leave with answers. And peace of mind.

Careful Documentation

After you go home and sleep on it, come back and retain us. We'll carefully review your pay stubs, creditors, tax returns, etc. and prepare a bankruptcy petition for you to review and sign with the attorney, as we explain what happens next.

Debt Relief

We then file the bankruptcy papers with the court. In the majority of cases, the same attorney you bonded with in the consultation will personally appear with you at the hearing when you're under oath and nervous. Our clients tell us this puts them at ease and makes a stressful situation a lot easier.


  • I admit that I am a difficult person to deal with and my situation is a very complicated one. Attorney Antico's office saved my behind, saved me, and gave me peace of mind and hope that I could pick up the pieces.

    Tia Torres, TV's 'Pitbulls and Parolees'

  • Filing for bankruptcy is a truly terrifying and embarrassing thing, however Hale made the experience smooth and comforting. Having an attorney we could trust was important and we were so pleased with the entire process. He helped us get back to the starting line.

    Staci P., Lancaster, CA

  • After he went though all the details of my case he put my interests before his profitability and informed me BK would most likely not work for me.! I did talk to a few other lawyers and they were very careful not to make promises but sure painted a rosy picture. Mr Antico gave it to me straight. I will not hesitate to hire Antico if I need a lawyer. Good people.

    J, Northridge, CA