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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Fast Fresh Start

Chapter 7 is when you can't repay debt, and is generally for lower income households. You don't make any more payments on the credit cards, but in some cases could lose assets.

Real Estate Law (Saving Your Home)

We can help with mortgages, particularly ones that are late, and removing some liens.

Cars: Stopping Repossession

Bankruptcy can help you stop the repo man and keep your car.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Debt Consolidation Alternative)

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is debt consolidation without the problems. You can't be sued. The payments are affordable. Interest is frozen. There's a definite end point. And when crafted with a skilled professional, it works.

Santa Clarita Financial Consultant and Advice

Financial consultant to give advice on how to fix your budget or help you achieve your goals.

Student Loans and Education

Student Loan debt can be crushing. While it's not dischargeable in bankruptcy, it can help make payments manageable.


Recently voted Best Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney in 2017 by the readers of the Santa Clarita Signal, and before that three years in a row by the readers of Santa Clarita Valley Living Magazine! This is because not only do we understand the complicated field of consumer debt law, but we explain it in way that makes sense and is easy to understand. We don’t judge or talk down to you, but let you know your options, and help you decide which is best for you. Even if the best option is to not file bankruptcy.

Further, we have a team that has a heart for helping people. We focus on customer service and helping you so you can focus on your work, family, and live. You will feel comfortable knowing that you are in the hands of an experienced, friendly and understanding Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney who has helped thousands of our neighbors over the years get a fresh start. Learn more about our office and why we’re your best choice for Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney.

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hale antico bankruptcy attorney

Hale Antico, Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Hale Antico, Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Santa Clarita in 2017 by readers of the SCV Signal, has helped thousands of people get a fresh start for two decades.

Phone: 661-252-9900

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What people say about us

“I admit that I am a difficult person to deal with and my situation is a very complicated one. Attorney Antico’s office saved my behind, saved me, and gave me peace of mind and hope that I could pick up the pieces of my life again. I am serious when I say, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t found your office. You guys are my favorite law office and that means a lot coming from me. As a person who has 4 criminal attorneys, one real estate attorney and one entertainment attorney in her life on a constant basis, you guys are the coolest by far!”

Attorney Antico,

My husband and I were seriously in debt. Over our ten years of marriage, we accumulated an excessive amount of debt and had four children. Our income was reduced because I decided to quit my well paid career as a Business Office Manager of a large medical practice to invest my time in our four children.

With one income, we couldn’t seem to stay on top of our bills and the late fees became overwhelming. We began to borrow from one credit card to pay another. We quickly fell deeper and deeper into a financial hole. After about a year of struggling and realizing that we were never going to get out of debt because our balances became so high that our monthly payments only covered the interest and our balances were never decreasing, so we decided to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy.

Our first stop was by a paralegal’s office that advertised in the local Pennysaver. We were not impressed with the office, the employees demeanor, and the complete lack of professionalism. The fee was cheap but when we called back a few weeks later to get additional information, the employee no longer worked for the company. About a week later she contacted us and claimed that she now worked for another company where she wanted us to file our bankruptcy with. This completely turned us off because when you file you have to give the company all of your personal information and I didn’t want my bank accounts and social security numbers given to an unstable and unprofessional person. We wanted to be able to trust the company that would have our entire life in their possession. That’s why we decided to spend a few extra dollars to have our work done by a professional attorney who was educated.

When we went to Attorney Antico’s office and we knew immediately that he could be trusted, he cared and he didn’t judge us by our debt. He was understanding and he provided sound legal advice. He gave us the pro’s and cons without pressuring us to make a decision that would favor his practice. Not only did we feel that he was trustworthy but we knew that he was educated by Pepperdine University which gave us an additional sense of trust.

Mr. Antico made us feel so comfortable that all of our insecurities, guilt, and shame disappeared. He helped us to realize our mistakes but not to feel depressed or guilty about them. Throughout the proceedings he stayed in contact with us and answered our questions patiently and was never too busy to speak with us regarding additional concerns that we had.

Therefore, we highly recommend anyone in debt to consult with Attorney Hale Antico because spending the money to have your case filed professionally is worth every penny. The cost to file compared to our debts was well worth it.

We referred all the bill collectors to his office, he attended the hearing with us, and the court appointed [trustee] knew and respected him. We didn’t have any problems and when it was all over with, we were and have been relieved of all the pressures of the bills. We have no regrets and are living a life free of debt, bill collectors, and threatening notices. We can now save money and plan our future because we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck to all!


Dear Mr Antico,

There are simply no words that can express how grateful we are for what you have done for us. You gave us hope, you gave us peace, you gave us back our lives!!

You were the light in the dark tunnel  that our lives had turned into. You took us out and gave us a fresh start!!.

I don’t even want to think where would we be right now if it wasn’t for you. I thank God everyday for allowing me to find your website. We want you to know that you will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for making the whole Bankruptcy process smooth and easy for us, and above all thank you for not making us feel bad about it. You were so good to us. I have always believed that there are angels living among us, and I am sure that you are one of them (sorry for blowing your cover !!). : )

Two days ago I turned in my resignation letter at my current job (Costco). I have accepted a position at [business] as a Business Administrator’s Assistant and I am attending at the University of Phoenix, my goal is to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Business Management. We will be moving out of our one bedroom apartment and will be moving into a three bedroom and three bath townhouse, now our kids are going to have lots of space to play. As for my husband  he is working 6 days a week and his business if just blooming!!.

And needless to say none of these would have been possible if it was not for you that believed in us and showed us how to get out of debt and gave that second chance. ; )

Please feel free to use my letter as a reference. Once again thank you for everything.


Dear Attorney Antico,

I just wanted to thank you for your work during the bankruptcy. It was easier and quicker than I imagined. If any of my friends or family have to make the hard decision to file for bankruptcy I will absolutely recommend you. Thanks again and good luck to you.



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It's like asking what it costs to build a web site. Will it be minimal work with 10 words and a picture, or a lot of time to produce another Amazon. It depends; every case is different. This isn't coupon carpet cleaning where one price fits all (until they tell you it was just 2 rooms). A single unemployed renter and a married employed homeowner with a family are different situations, and yes, will have a different bankruptcy cost because there's a lot more in play in the latter. Once we have a chance to talk and we find out what we're getting into, we'll give you a flat fee in writing, and there won't be any hidden costs or surprises later.

Not until we meet and talk. Oddly, everyone says they have the easiest case ever, but they don't know the law and how it could really muck things up. But we promise that if your case really is the easiest one ever, trust that we'll and give a very competitive fee since we want your business.

Yes, we have a flexible payment plan. And we'll accept a lot less than your credit card minimum payments will take. When you finish paying, we'll finish working, then file your case. We don't charge interest. We're patient. And affordable, especially when you consider the value you're getting. We've stayed in business for years helping people who have no money. It's totally doable. You got this!

A Chapter 7 means you can't pay your debts, so you don't have to... but beware, you can lose things. Chapter 13 means you keep all your stuff, but you can afford to make a debt consolidation payment that stops interest and lawsuits.

The magic of interest. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy freezes interest accrual, so you're not spinning on the treadmill forever paying minimums. In Chapter 13, you make a set number of payments and the rest is forgiven.

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Our history

2003 Opening

We open our Santa Clarita bankruptcy office

2005 Expansion

We open our second office in the Antelope Valley.

2005-2015 Awards

Voted Best Bankruptcy Attorney 3 times.

2016 Helped Settle Massive Litigation

Facilitated Settlement of bitter media war between SCV Signal newspaper and Santa Clarita Free Classifieds and Gazette, which formed a new joint venture

2017 Best Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney

Voted Best of the Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyers again!

2018 Nominated Best Lawyer in AV

For first time ever, nominated for Best Attorney in Antelope Valley

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